Super Visa

If you have children or grandchildren in Canada and want to visit them, then you may be eligible to get a Super Visa. A Super Visa is especially for parents and grandparents, and the visa allows multiple entries for up to 10 years, with the maximum stay at a time being two years.

If you are not going to stay in Canada for more than six months and may not visit frequently, then a visitor visa may suffice. Click here to know more about visitor visa


You can apply for a Super visa under the following conditions.

What are the documents needed ?

If you are going to apply for a visitor visa, here are some of the documents you may need.

Proof of funds

Proof of funds from the invitee that shows the person can support your stay there. Proofs may include employment letters, pay stubs, bank statements, or Notice of Assessment of the latest year

Insurance document

Paid insurance document from a Canadian company with a minimum of $100,000 coverage. The insurance must be valid for at least one year from your entry date

Letter of invitation (case-based)

Proof of identity


CA$ 100

Super Visa for Visa Exempt people

Few people who are visa-exempted foreign nationals may travel to Canada for short stays (up to 6 months) via air using something called an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This is electronically linked to the person’s passport and is valid for five years. Such individuals may not need a separate visitor visa as this is considered a digital visa waiver.
Even if you are visa exempted, you may still apply for Super Visa if you want to stay in Canada for a extended period of time

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