Alberta Immigrant
Nominee Program

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is created to help immigrants settle down in Alberta. The candidates must possess the skills and abilities to settle in the country and provide for the family. The Government of Alberta runs this program along with the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
This is an economic program which means that the type of immigrants chosen will keep changing depending on the economical state of Alberta.

Where is Alberta?

Alberta is a province in the west of Canada. It is a beautiful location with a population of more than 4 million people. Alberta’s economy is one of the strongest globally, and the natural gas and technology industries offer ample employment opportunities. Below are the streams in which immigrants can apply.

Immigrant worker AINP stream

Entrepreneur AINP stream

  • This is a stream where foreign workers who want to settle down in Alberta or those who are already working here receive their Permanent Residency. There are two streams in which workers are chosen here.

    Alberta Opportunity Stream

    This is for people who are already temporarily living and working in Alberta and want to settle down there permanently. These individuals must satisfy the following criteria.
    The person must also satisfy all other basic requirements, including language, education, and skills.


    Eligibility areaRequirements
    EducationProvide an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) of your highest level of education
    LanguageCLB level 5 or NCLC level 5 (for NOC 0,A,B) and CLB level 4 or NCLC level 4 (for NOC C or D)
    Work experienceWork occupants falling under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill levels 0, A, B, C and D

    Alberta Express Entry Stream

    The Alberta Express Entry System is for people living outside Canada wishing to settle down there. Only a limited number of people are invited to submit an application in this stream.
    People who have direct ties with the province and those who the government feels can help improve the economic developmental activities have a higher chance of getting an invitation.


    You must meet the eligibility criteria of one of the below express entry systems.
    Please note that:
  • This is a stream that allows people with entrepreneurial zeal to apply for permanent residency in Alberta. There are three streams here in which you can apply.

    International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

    This is for international students who studied in Alberta post-secondary institutions and want to start a business in the province.


    Eligibility areaRequirements
    EducationAt least a 2-year full-time degree or diploma course from a publicly funded post-secondary institution.
    LanguageCLB level 7 or NCLC level 7 completion
    Work PermitShould possess a Post Graduation Work Permit valid for at least 2 years
    Business requirementsMust buy or own a business with a minimum 34% stake
    Work experienceAt least 6 months full-time work experience inside or outside Canada

    Self-Employed Farmer Stream

    This stream is for entrepreneurs in the farming industry with the resources and experience to buy and run a farm in Alberta. The candidates will be required to submit a business plan along with the application.


    Eligibility areaRequirements
    SkillsCandidates should have prior farming skills and may submit documents including papers of the existing farming business, training or work experience certificate, business plan, and proof that a Canadian institute is willing to finance your business
    InvestmentShould be able to get CDN $500,000 of equity to start the business

    Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream

    The Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream (FGSVS) is for people outside Canada with exceptional entrepreneurial skills who want to establish a startup in Alberta.


    Eligibility areaRequirements
    EducationDegree from a post-secondary institution with Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
    LanguageCLB level 7 or NCLC level 7 completion
    Business requirementsA completed business plan with a 10-minute presentation about the venture
    Work experienceMinimum 6 months of full-time work experience running or managing a business
    Other requirementsA letter of recommendation from an AINP-approved agency

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What are the documents needed to apply for one of these AINP streams?

Some of the common documents needed to apply for any of these AINP streams are:

Address proof

Valid passport

Statement of earnings

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Completed application form

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Work permit
(if applicable)


Employment letter and employee referral letter

Educational Credential Assessment

Proof of Funds

How to improve your chances of getting an invitation to submit an application?

Your profile plays a vital role in deciding whether or not you get into the AINP program. Our experts can help you put up a compelling profile that is attractive and inviting based on your education and work experience. We make sure your application is perfectly completed, and the right documents are submitted the very first time.
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