PR Card Renewal

Most Permanent Resident Cards (PR cards) issued in Canada are valid for five years. If you are a current Permanent Resident of Canada, and your PR card expires in 9 months or lesser, you must renew the card as early as possible.


Steps to apply

Once you are eligible to apply, get the right application package, fill in all forms, add the relevant documents, and submit the package after paying the application fee. Some of the documents you may need to submit along with the forms are:

A photocopy of your PR card

A photocopy of your passport or travel document

A photocopy of the fee payment receipt

Two photos that meet the specification of IRCC

You must send these documents and forms to the Case Processing Centre in Canada.

Processing time

The current processing time for PR card renewal is 136 days. However, this may change every time.

If you need your PR card to be renewed urgently, IRCC allows Permanent Residents to apply for urgent processing in a few specific cases.
The IRCC may not accept your application if the details are incomplete, if you have given wrong information, or if you have not paid the right application fees.
If you are due to renew your PR card.

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