Canadian Citizenship is a status offered to Foreign Permanent Residents or to Status Indians, making them legal nationals of the country. A person with a citizenship status can enjoy unrestricted entry and exit to and from Canada, hold a Canadian passport, have the right to vote, and may also stand for office in elections.


Steps to apply

You can apply both online and offline. Once you apply, you get an application package with all the forms that need to be filled out and documents that you need to provide. If all this sounds overwhelming, then BunchBerry is here to help. We help with choosing the right application package for you and ensure the details are given out right.
You can then pay the processing and citizenship fee and submit your application.

Processing time

The processing time for getting a Citizenship Grant is usually 12 months and a Proof of Citizenship is 15 months. In certain special cases, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department may accept requests for urgent processing of Citizenship applications.

Ircc ProcessingFees

1. Citizenship Processing Fee – CA$ 530
2. Right of Citizenship Fee – CA$ 100

3. Citizenship Certificate (Proof of Citizenship) – CA$ 75

4. Right of Citizenship – CA$ 100

The IRCC may not accept your application if the details are incomplete, if you have given wrong information, or if you have not paid the right application fees.
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